On the Go Lunch Roundup: 50+ Lunch Food Ideas

So, it is so hot that I want to go running naked in my sprinklers.  Or makes friends with someone who has A/C, a pool, or both.  Anything to alleviate the icky swoob! Even in the warmer months, I spend several days per month on the go in the community, meeting clients at their homes.  This inspires some hydration, lunch, and bathroom use creativity.  I don’t like buying food for lunch, and need to have a lunch that can sit in the car for several hours until I eat it.  50+-Lunch-Food-Ideas-Fulfillment-From-Scratch

Recently, I had a reader and friend tell me that they experience a similar environment on a regular basis, and would love some creative lunch ideas.  So I decided that it was time for my first link roundup.  You’ll see a lot of recipes from bloggers and caterers I follow and love, such as Bev, Jessica, Maria and Josh, Noble Pig, Des, Not Without Salt, Ali, and more!  Feel free to add your own or your favorites!!

Whether you are more of a person to throw a sandwich or a buncha snacks together, or the type who loves to have leftovers or make their lunches for the week all day on Sunday, these ideas should hold up to sitting in your car or on a desk for at least a little while, not need microwaving, and would taste just fine cold.  I tried for many of the recipes I researched to come up with at least somewhat macro-balanced options (protein vs fat vs carbs), but there were some ideas that just seemed too delicious to ignore for the sake of having a balanced diet.   I hope the ideas last you all year! Don’t forget a napkin and plastic fork!

Simple Snack Lunch

  • 1 C Cottage Cheese, 3 ants on a log, grapes, 6 wheat thins
  • Ambitious?  Make Fruit leather!
  • Roast some chickpeas.  Or try them this way.  Or this way.  I tell ya, it’s a pretty dang popular thing to do nowadays.
  • Make some hummus, or just buy it.  Bring Veggies.  Ta Dah!
  • Quinoa Bars – never tried them!  Tell me how they turn out, I’m interested.
  • Oat Peanut butter Bites.  Okay, basically dessert.  But will give you energy and keep you going for a quick snack!
  • Slice some fresh veggies and add some salt and pepper.  Or some feta crumbles or some watermelon pieces (seriously, i love it).
  • Have you ever tried putting balsamic vinegar on strawberries?  It really does make them taste sweeter- but don’t go overboard.  A teaspoon per cup of strawberries is enough.
  • When I roast all the pumpkin seeds each November from pumpkin carving, it lasts me nearly all year.

Sandwiches, Simple to Complex

No Grilled Cheeses or burgers here, just good old sandwiches and wraps!

Hearty Grain, Meaty, or Light Salads

No secrets here, I love quinoa, and even have a board just for this grain.  Plus, it makes a fantastic easy lunch.  Here are some of my favorite salads that last.

Appetizer Inspiration

Because so many appetizers, in bite size form (as long as they aren’t a dip!) are perfect to stick in a baggie and take with you on the go.

  • Caponata is delicious, and would make for a good cold sandwich filler.  or just have with a fork, whichever.
  • Sriracha Turkey meatballs – so easy to pop into your mouth!
  • Samosas are super yummy and not healthy at all.  Go ahead, indulge.
  • Stuff some tomatoes and put them in a Tupperware.
  • I actually want to eat these RIGHT NOW.  Prosciutto is bomb- put it with artichoke hearts…I just lost it.

Miscelaneous / Leftovers

Phew!  My research gave me quite a few new pins! ;)  Thank you, Ria!

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